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Celestian postage.

Supposedly that’s the flag?

…It could be better. 



more on Celestial Space as well as trying out my actual art style so I don’t forget it

James Mangan— the founder of the micronation— was pretty much known for his self-help books and stuff, most especially this one book that was all about changing a person’s state of mind via switchwords. I thought it’d be cool if the incarnate of the micronation he founded sort of just picked that up.

Here she’s trying to get herself to write because I sorely need this too.

But yes more on Celestial Space



more on Celestial Space

you know as much as she’d like to think she’s the universe she really isn’t but rather the idea of humanity being able to own bits of space if that makes sense

I mean that’s what I got from what I read about the micronation anyway

ofc this doesn’t stop her from thinking that she’s legit space this poor child


But even if people’s property rights extend straight up and down, Mangan believes it is not too important. He points out that space is curved and once you leave the limits of the earth, the distance between the boundary lines grows more and more huge. The concept of owning property upward and downward, Mangan says, “is the biggest oversight in history.”

Mangan also believes that Celestial Space will serve as a bulwark of international peace. “Look at it philosophically,” he says. “If you owned something 8,000 miles in diameter and 25,000 miles in circumference, you might realize that war is something to be laughed at. My nation might even give people enough bigness of thinking, enough bigness of disdain to make them feel international squabbles are petty.”